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To Kwa Wan, an old urban district, has cultivated a vibrant cultural and creative ecosystem over the years. Making On Loft will empower the creative community, and lead the youth to design for small shops in the neighbourhood. Their creative works will be showcased at a bazaar cum exhibition.

CityProg2022 Sharing from Making on Loft: CREATION TO EMERGE

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Making On Loft

Making On Loft (MOL) was established in 2017 by a small group of young enthusiasts to explore and actualise for social good through ways of evidence-based research process, it is also committed in social innovative creation and research which we gathered a group of local youth who are enthusiastic about social development. MOL carries out social design, community art, social research and relevant educational projects through interactions with people, place and thing. Throughout the intensive collaborations with different governmental organisations as well as art institutions, MOL uses social design and community art education methods for different communities and stakeholders to promote the sustainable development of community.

MOL established also as a physical knowledge exchange platform and makerspace combining facets of creativity, applied technology, and social innovation, with a focus on the social actualisation with individual creators, artists and makers, allowing different art workers to actualise in their own media. Through mutual exchanges, inspiration and cooperation, we actively promote creative learning, autonomous living, and having fun together. Let’s Making on Loft!