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Cheongsam Rhapsody

Organised by Wontonmeen and FashionClinic by T

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3/11/2022 - 4/12/2022

(Image courtesy: Art direction: Toby Crispy; Photography: Stephenie Kay; Assistance:  Kelvin Chow; Models: Tele & Kelvin)

Once, there was a local reseller that pushed around old wooden suitcases. Inside, were piles upon piles of traditional Chinese qipao dresses and knick-knacks dating back to some time between the 20s and 60s. The menagerie of different cuts, styles and fabrics were a nostalgic reminder of a women’s wardrobe through the seasons. Imagining the spectacular life once led by the owner of these left behind fabric scraps, designers and the public can reflect on the value of old objects and discuss the meaningful role of upcycling by injecting new life into old designs.

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About Partner


Since 2006, Wontonmeen has been a unique and diverse living space in the heart of Sham Shui Po that has played host to artists, journalists, musicians, designers, academics and more. Trained as a designer, Patricia Choi founded Wontonmeen and a furniture brand “Yuen Yeung” both in Sham Shui Po, the place she has lived and worked for 16 years. As a cultural hub, regular events and gigs are held periodically in the common area to showcase a variety of local and international talents.
Choi has been helping to build links between local communities and the art and design industry through regular interventions and programmes offered at Wontonmeen.
The idea behind these programmes is for recent arrivals in Sham Shui Po to contribute to their neighbourhood and its communities with the resources they bring with them, while locals can share their local knowledge, skills, and know-how, reducing the borders between newcomers and long established residents of the area.

FashionClinic by T

Trans-fashion Tales of Time in Textile.
Founder and creative director, Toby Crispy, has worked in different sectors in the fashion field ranging from magazine editor to fashion designer for international brands. She worked as a design manager at French label Agnès b. before launching LastbutnotLeast. Since 2013, Toby has been focusing on redesigning fashion service & textile art, running exhibitions, workshops and events with various fashion brands, corporate, shopping malls and art groups, e.g. JOYCE, Lane Crawford, New Balance, Patagonia, K11, The Mills, Oi!, New Art Power...., in order to reconnect the relationship between the clothing and the wearers and simultaneously stitch up a sustainable future.
Wearing another hat as an independent curator, Toby is blending into her sustainable design practice the space for personal meditation and social healing. Through her SLOW STiTCH art projects, she demonstrates how design responds to the meaning of our life.